Kandy is a bustling city constructed around a lake in central Sri Lanka. It may be lovely, attractive and charming. When touring to Sri Lanka, Kandy may be in your bucket checklist.

It’s the city to begin your scenic train experience by the way of mountains. But, there may be more ways to it. Through this information, we cover all the superb things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

After the capital city Colombo, Kandy is the second greatest city within the nation. You can find interesting and heart touching locations like the Temple of The Tooth, Botanical Gardens, etc which are world-famous. However, there are many different things to do in Kandy.

How to reach Kandy?

Kandy is the second massive metropolis in Sri Lanka and is effectively related to other cities as well and it’s the starting of the magical and scenic train experience through tea plantations. No matter what you do, don’t miss that train experience!

It’s only a 3.5hr drive from Colombo and there are additionally a number of train and bus facilities from Colombo to Kandy. You can possibly come here from any vacation spot.

1.Reaching Kandy by train

A train ticket will price you around 2.50 USD if you want to get the 1st class and lower than 1 USD if you want to get the third class. Better check all the train timetables and costs beforehand.

Additionally, there are trains to Anuradhapura and Jaffna towards the North, and to Trincomalee and Batticaloa towards the East.

After all, the train connects Kandy with different hill nation cities such as Nuwara Elya, Ella, and Badulla…
Train rides to those areas are very scenic and adorable, so don’t miss the experience!

2.Reaching Kandy by bus

There are a number of bus facilities from Colombo and also from main locations such as  Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Ella, etc to Kandy.

If it’s your first day in Sri Lanka and also if you wish to travel by bus, keep in mind that the normal bus has no air-conditioning and actually takes time to get from one place to another.

It might sound a bit chaotic, on some occasions, some bus drivers and their helpers attempt to cheat when foreigners are utilizing the normal buses.

There are air-conditioned buses too at bus stations and they can reach to the destination you want earlier than those normal ones. But ask them the price and get in.

On our first bus experience, we took one non-public bus. It’s extra snug and also you get some indications when you need to get out. But you may feel packed in during the time of travelling.

3. Reaching  Kandy by car

Some vacationers see touring Sri Lanka as a demand. Fear not, you can get good people who can guide you to make your journey a success. You may as well rent a driver for a whole lot of your journey or simply for some days.

I can not suggest you any diver, however, you can ask the people of your lodging, I’m sure that they will organize it.

When is the best time to go to Kandy?

The Esala Perahera season is the most perfect time to visit  Kandy. The Esala Perahera is likely one of the grandest (and oldest) of the Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka.It consists of dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, lavishly embellished elephants, etc. The competition takes throughout July or August, relying on the full moon.

Please keep in mind: throughout this season, the elephants are in chains due to safety causes. If an elephant goes mad, it could actually turn out to be harmful.

In case, your concern is the climate, Kandy has a  fairly continuing tropical climate, nevertheless, it has 2 monsoon seasons. Right here we’ll define the seasons for you:

The dry season in Kandy goes from December to April.

From October to November Kandy experiences 2 monsoon seasons, which deliver rain to the area.
If you plan to go trekking, it’ll be difficult in the course of the monsoon season.

The 2 monsoons are,

1.Yala Monsoon (from ……. to September)
2.Maha Monsoon (from October to November)

Now, you have already got the general details about Kandy, so now get ready!

Top Things to Do in Kandy

In this article, you will find,

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uncommon locations to travel,
locations of curiosity and sights,
enjoyable things to do in Kandy,
things to do in Kandy in the rain


1. Visit The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa)

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa)
Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa)

The Temple of the tooth relic often known as the Dalada Maligawa is the holiest Buddhist temple in Srilanka, making it essentially the most sacred place of worship amongst Buddhists around the world.

It’s situated within the royal palace complex of the previous Kingdom of Kandy, which homes the relic of the tooth of the Buddha.

The city was the final capital of the Sri Lankan kings and is a World Heritage Site because of the temple. All the temple complex covers a big space and in addition to the main shrine, there are few different temples and museums inside the complex.

*Good to know: Keep in mind you need to put on clothes that cover your legs and shoulders.

2. Visit the Botanical Garden – Peradeniya

Royal Botanical Garden – Peradeniya
Royal Botanical Garden – Peradeniya

The Botanical Garden of Kandy is a spot that individuals of all ages collect, particularly on the weekends. The garden is legendary for its numerous (4000+) species of vegetation and trees.

It’s situated in a  20 minutes distance from the Kandy city.

Entrance payment: 2,000 LKR (10 USD) – Although expensive, spend it if you want to spend a few hours.


3.Esala Perahara

Kandy Esala Perahera
Kandy Esala Perahera

If you happen to visit  Sri Lanka in July or August, make your approach to Kandy to witness the annual Esala procession, a historic occasion which the sacred tooth relic of Buddha is paraded through the streets of Kandy.  Along with a number of colourful elephants, the procession consists of quite a few native dancers, drummers and fire play.

The majestic elephants are embellished with colourful and glittering clothes and parade all through the streets each night during the procession period. About  50 of those mild animals fill the streets.

The occasion commences with a water-cutting ceremony in the River Mahaweli. Vacationers who are wishing to get the absolute views of the Perahera, ought to arrive early in order to save themselves a seat.  Or else if someone is ready to pay an excessive cost, you can purchase front-row seats.


4.Hanging  around the Kandy Lake

Kandy Lake
Kandy Lake

This is one of the free things to do in Kandy. Soon after the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, you can see the city’s Lake. A synthetic lake constructed within the coronary heart of the town in 1807 by King  Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe.

There are numerous legends and folklore concerning the protected lake.


5.A visit to  the Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

Udawattakele is a 257 acres forest reserve on a hill-ridge within the metropolis.

The sanctuary is legendary for its intensive avifauna and adventurous bike rides. This reserve additionally comprises of an important number of plant species, particularly lianas, shrubs and small bushes. There’re a number of large lianas.

The forest is of non-secular significance as there are three Buddhist meditation hermitages and three rock shelter dwellings for Buddhist monks.


 6.Visiting the Bhairavakanda Buddha Statue

Though not of any historic significance,  it is one of the cultural things to do in Kandy.

The 80ft Buddha Statue will be seen from virtually all over the place within the metropolis. A ten-minute experience from the town will take you to the best place to take panoramic footage of the historic city.

For greater viewing expertise, take the twenty-minute climb up along the steps to the Buddha statue.


7. Visit the Lankathilake Vihara

A historic Buddhist temple located in Udunuwara.It’s situated by the  Daulagala highway, roughly a 40-minute drive from Clock Inn, from the middle of the town.

Lankathilake Vihara is considered as the most architectural edifice created in the course of the Gampola period.

The historical past of the temple dates back to the 14th century. With secured historic stories, this temple was constructed by King Bhuvanekabahu IV, who reigned from 1341 to 1351 A. D.

The king entrusted the development of this temple to his Chief Minister named Senalankadhikara, who efficiently completed the works of this temple.

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary,Bhairavakanda Buddha Statue,Lankathilake Vihara
Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, Bhairavakanda Buddha Statue, Lankathilake Vihara


8.Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya Rajamaha Viharaya with a historic monastery situated 16km from the town on the flat rock at Diggala within the district of Kandy.

Records from an inscription,  this temple was constructed by King Buwanekabahu IV within the year 1344.

The primary shrine room homes  (in Vajrasana) a Buddha Statue beneath a Makara Thorana and 4 standing Buddha pictures. The Makara thorana is embellished with gods on each face similar to Brahma, Suyama, Santhusuta, Natha and Maithree and two attendants.

9.The Streets of Kandy

The streets in Kandy centre are full of ancient colonial buildings. Beginning from the Temple of the Tooth and wandering around the streets, having fun with a fresh king coconut from one of the colourful fruit stands.

*Tip: Don’t forget to know about the historical value of the buildings!

Gadaladeniya Temple,Streets of Kandy,Embekke Devalaya
Gadaladeniya Temple, Streets of Kandy, Embekke Devalaya


10.Visit to The Embekke Devalaya (Embekka Temple)

This temple was constructed by King Vikramabahu III of Gampola Period (AD 1357 – 1374).

The shrine consists of three sections:

  1. The “Sanctum of Garagha”,

  2. The “Digge” or “Dancing Corridor”

  3. The “Hevisi Mandapaya” or the “Drummers’ Corridor”.

The Drummers’ Corridor that has drawn the eye of tourists, because of the splendid wooden carvings of its ornate pillars and its excessive pitched roof.

The carvings, which adorn the wood pillars of the drummers’ corridor, in addition to the “Vahalkada” (the doorway porch of the devalaya), are one of the greatest examples of Sinhalese artwork.

The roof itself has vital options. The rafters all slant from above in the direction of the incoming customer are fastened collectively and saved in place by a “Madol Kurupawa”, a sort of a large catch pin which we can’t witness elsewhere.

This temple is roughly 20 km from the town centre and is reachable by bus or a taxi.

11.Hanthana Mountain Range

The Hanthana Mountain Range lies in central Sri Lanka, South-West of the town.

It was declared as an environmental safety space in February 2010 beneath the Nationwide Atmosphere Act. The utmost top of the range is 3800 ft. The mountain range consists of seven peaks.

The highest one being the Uura Kanda. The place is a favourite vacation spot amongst mountain hikers in Sri Lanka.

The Hanthana Mountain range is a good looking pleasant set of hilltops with lush panoramic views. And also grassy plains and eucalyptus bushes lining the estates, you will note the pleasant faces of the estate workers greeting you.


Hanthana Mountain Range
Hanthana Mountain Range


12.Traditional Kandy dancing

One of the distinctive things you are able to do in Kandy is watching a Kandyan dance.

Kandyan dance is an intense, energetic performance, with dancers and drummers. Throughout an hour, they’ll dance and play music in colourful conventional costumes.

There are three venues to observe Kandy dancing, all situated across the lake:

  1. Kandyan Artwork Affiliation & Cultural Centre.

  2. Kandy Lake Membership.

  3. Mahanuwara YMBA.

The event begins at around 17.00. Be sure to get there a bit earlier to purchase the tickets and save your spot.

13.Discovering the native market

The market right here is just not massive but however, it is possible for you to have expertise. It’s a place you can possibly take many pictures.

You can find many meals stalls promoting tasty fruits like pineapples, bananas, mangoes, etc.

What about attempting a fruit that you have not tasted earlier from those stalls: jack fruit, wood apple, etc.

14.Road pictures

It’s an excellent place for road pictures,  as you’ve got many colourful locations. Simply stroll across the market, alongside the town centre in the course of the day.

*Please keep in mind: All the time be respectful when taking pictures of individuals. Ask for permission and don’t be impolite and interrupt individuals.

15. Visit a spice garden

There are numerous spice gardens around. Really, many spices come from there. Now, what do you feel about exploring a real spice garden? It’s a free thing to do in Sri Lanka and never miss it.

Here, you can find spices like:








cloves …

We even discovered a cool wild pineapple!

The spice gardens are usually free to enter. It isn’t necessary to purchase, so don’t be uneasy to tell them that you don’t want to purchase anything.

Kandy dancing,native market,spice garden
Kandy dancing, native market, spice garden

16.Dalada Maligawa Museum

Dalada Maligawa Museum is one of the most unusual museums in Asia and reveals a set of relics, highlighting the unfold of Buddhism all through Asia and the remainder of the world. It’s the sole museum by its variety exhibiting a Buddhist exhibition of the faith’s world unfold.

The museum reveals perception seeking the event of the peaceable faith from the easy teachings of Buddha to differentiated methods and teams of followers throughout the globe.

17.The Commonwealth Cemetery

The effectively maintained Commonwealth Cemetery serves as a memorial for the troopers who died within the protection of Sri Lanka in WWII.

The location is a relic of the nation’s colonial historical past and a witness to the turbulent which the nation has undergone all throughout the years.

Strolling close to the tombstones and studying the details about the passing away heroes is a  good expertise. The cemetery dates back to 1817 and in addition serves as the final resting place for a number of younger and ancient people who made Kandy their dwelling within the earlier centuries.

The melancholy ambience is well worth the journey, and don’t be discouraged to make a donation to maintain the stainless cemetery as spotless because it has remained all through the years.

18.Giragama Tea Plantation

Sri Lanka serves as one of the world’s most vital tea producers and is dwelling to quite a few intensive tea plantations. Giragama Tea Plantation is situated outside the town and supplies perception into the refinery of scrumptious teas.

Dalada Maligawa Museum,Commonwealth Cemetery,Giragama Tea Plantation
Dalada Maligawa Museum, Commonwealth Cemetery, Giragama Tea Plantation

19.Attend a cricket match

*Uncommon things to do in Kandy, that may be enjoyable.

Do you know cricket is the preferred sport in Sri Lanka? As per our associates in Kandy, the second hottest sport can be cricket. So if you have enough time don’t miss to watch a cricket match if there’s a due match.

20. Take the scenic train to Ella

It’s the time to depart from  Kandy by the best method. Take some of the scenic train rides from Kandy to Nuwara Elya, Ella, and Badulla…

You have to pass the mountains by the way.

*Good to know: We have suggested supplying some water and meals for you during your train journey. It will likely be a protracted experience.

21.Balana Fort

Balana fort is situated at Kadugannawa close to Alagalla Mountain, Sri Lanka. The fort was functioned as a strategic rock fortress and an outpost to the Kandyan kingdom.

When the English established themselves in Kandy, they began tea and low plantations within the space of the Colombo-Kandy railway line, by the way of the tunnels within the mountains.

Balana Fort has supported to protect Buddhism and tradition from the Western highly effective nations such as Portuguese, Dutch, and English for about 5 centuries. (1505–1948).

A lot of the battles towards invasions aimed at the Kandyan Kingdom by the Western nations every now and then of their ruling interval of maritime provinces took place on the Alagalla Mountains.

Balana fort was the principal fortress established to guard the Sinhalese Kingdom against overseas powers and is located between Kadugannawa and Alagalla mountain. Portuguese attempt to seize Kandy resulting from a secret negotiation between King Rajasinha II of Kandy and the Dutch.

Kandyan negotiated with the Dutch to assist them to repel Portugal. The Portuguese campaign towards the Kingdom of Kandy became a success after a number of setbacks, and finally, they managed to grab the Balana Fort.

Retreated Kandyan forces had been offensive towards the forwarding Portuguese forces of Kiriwaththalawa (present-day Kiribathkumbura) and repulsed them. The battle grew to a worse setback due to the Portuguese’s in the upcountry and this resulted from lack of about 4,000 males.

Take the scenic train to Ella, Attend a cricket match, Visit the Balana fort
Take the scenic train to Ella, Attend a cricket match, Visit the Balana fort

So this is the first article on our website and more to come. i hope you enjoy this article well. i hope to bring more this kind of interesting articles in future.don’t forget to leave a comment below and share your travelling experience.
Finally, enjoy our Kandy vlog.


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